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Chicago Center 2012 REUNION
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2012 - Annual February Reunion -  (Album #64.)

Halle's Fabulous Lunch - "Thanks Terry & Leroy!"

MENU:  Baby Back Ribs, Italian Beef, Fried Chicken, Cheesy Potatoes, Macaroni & Cheese, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Corn Soufflé & Nice Assortment of Wonderful Desserts. Also the great appetizers, 'Bloody Mary's' and other liquid refreshments in the morning. "What a Party!"

Enjoying the 'Best Appetizers on the Planet!'

Best Restaurant in Florida...

"We should do this at home, Frank!"

Lining up for a special lunch...

Best Restaurant in Florida...

Dick, Nancy, John

Melody, Judy

Sue & Roger Johnson

Bev & Bob Miller, Terry Halle

Fun for the Photographer - "Thanks Terry!"

Melody Bogle

"Love These Tasty, Sweet Desserts!" - (Thanks, Terry!)

Ron & Karen Fandrick

Ron, Ed, Heidi, Hank, Frank, Bud

Another Fun Reunion -- "See ya next February at the Lewis's House!"

I hope you've enjoyed this Reunion Website! Brings back a lot of memories; we all have seen some changes in the way we look; it was fun to renew old friendships;  to remember the ones that passed on; and to especially thank Terry and Leroy Halle for opening their beautiful home and for the wonderful 'Southern Hospitality' and generous servings of tasty foods and refreshments. Everyone appreciated all the hard work and many hours you both put in to making this 2012 Reunion a complete success. THANKS!

Your comments, suggestions, ideas, changes, corrections would greatly be appreciated.

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