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Chicago Center 2009 REUNION
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2009 Reunion - Album #48.

"Halle's Special Saturday Dinner"

Berndt Peterson, Marcia Wiest, LeRoy & Terry Halle, Gail Peterson
(Thanks to these wonderful people for the best dinner of the year!)

"Tastiest Dinner in Florida!"

Jerry Kalita, Curly Schneider, ____?, Gail Peterson

John Jorgenson, Curly Schnieder, Judy Jacobson, Annette & (d.)Fred Ridley

George Harrell, Ace Salinas

"The Kitchen Staff Enjoyed the Great food too!"

Audrey & Jerry Lewis, Berndt & Gail Peterson, LeRoy & Terry Halle, Bob Pippett

"Controller Parking Only!"

"After Dinner Socializing!"

Marcia Wiest and Judy Jacobson

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