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Chicago Center 2009 REUNION
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2009 Reunion - Album #44.

"Welcome Registration - Money & Nametags!"

Melody Bogle

"We're all set for a fun day and fabulous feast!"

Gail Peterson (nice neighbor), Terry Halle (wonderful hostess)

"Preparing Fresh Shrimp - Caught this morning!"
"A 15-minute work-break!"

(d.)Don Young   |   Gail Peterson

(d.)Don Young, Nancy Becker, Terry Halle, Marcia Wiest

Jerry Lewis, Berndt Peterson (friend)  |  Bob 'Arf' Atkinson, Norris 'Jake' Jacobson

George Harrell, Curly Schneider, Mrs. Salinas, Judy Jacobson

Marcia Wiest, Nancy Becker  |  Jerry and Janice Kalita,  Melody Bogle

"Terry & LeRoy Halle's Home & Southern Hospitality!"

"Another Warm, Sunny, Florida February Afternoon!"

Marcia Wiest and her new friend 'Jake' Halle

Nancy & John Jorgenson  |   Nancy & Roger Becker

"Serving Hors d'Oeuvers before dinner!"

Gail Peterson, Bud Holland, Norris 'Jake' Jacobson, George Harrell

"Serious Animated Conversation!"

"Water-side Snacks!"

Terry and (d.)Don Young

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