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Chicago Center 2009 REUNION
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\2009 Reunion - Album #42A.

(Sabal Trace Golf Club - North Port, FL)

Better than snow and ice - "Come on down and join us next February!"

"The Setup, The Grip, The Stance, The Swing!"

Tony Cimino

Dave Harper, Ron Fandrick

Ron   |   Dave

 Bud Holland, (d.)Don Young, Ace Salinas, Bob 'Arf'' Atkinson,

"We had a lot of practice out of the sand traps!"

Roger Becker, Ron Fandrick

Great Action Shot of Roger's Swing by Terry Young!

More Golf Action Shots with Terry's Camera

The Ball, The Shadow, The Speeding Clubhead - (d.)Don Young

"So Fast, You Can't See the Golf Club!" - Ace Salinas

"Serious Golfers"

LeRoy Halle     |      Jerry Lewis     |       Sy Kok

Bob 'Arf'' Atkinson    |    Les Tucker

Jerry Lewis, Jerry Kalita

Jerry Kalita

Roger Becker

"Follow Thru - like the Pros!"

Bob Pippett

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