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Chicago Center 2009 REUNION
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\2009 Reunion - Album #42.

2009 Reunion Hosts: Terry & LeRoy Halle   |  'Jake' (one of their 2 Collies)


Chicago Air Traffic Controller-Golfers

(Front) - Bob 'Arf'' Atkinson, Tony Cimino, Sy Kok
Jerry Lewis, LeRoy Halle,
(d.)Don Young, John Jorgenson, Les Tucker, Ace Salinas
(Back) - Roger Becker, Jerry Kalita, Bud Holland, Ron Fandrick, Dave Harper

Photos by Professional Photographer - Terry Young

Sy Kok, Jerry Kalita, Jerry Lewis

Roger Becker (Oklahoma City, OK) - (Registering in Pro Shop)

"Waiting in the Pro Shop!" -- (Cool Florida Morning!)

 Bud Holland, Bob 'Arf'' Atkinson, (d.)Don Young, Ace Salinas

Jerry Lewis (FL), (d.)Don Young  |   Tony Cimino (IL), Melody Bogle (FL), Karen Fandrick (FL)

Melody Bogle, Ace Salinas (IL), Karen Fandrick  |  (d.)Don & Terry Young, Ace

"Coffee - on a cool Florida morning!"

"Waiting at the First Tee"

Sy Kok (FL, IL, WI), Jerry Lewis, Tony Cimino, Nancy Jorgenson

(d.)Don Young, Ace Salinas, Bud Holland, Bob Atkinson

Tony Cimino, Nancy & John Jorgenson, Les Tucker

Roger Becker, Jerry Kalita

Golf Photographer & Driver

Bev and Bob Miller


Ace Salinas and Nancy Jorgenson, Sy Kok and Jerry Lewis

Dave Harper, Ron Fandrick

'Official' Professional Photographer -  "A chance to pose for a picture!"

Terry Young, Bob Pippett

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NOTE: New golf photos now available in Album # 42A.

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