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Chicago Center Fun & Party Times - #1.
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'Snowbirds' - "Heading North Party!"

"The Villages Retirement Center"

(1984) - Retirement Party - Album #1.
(for Tony Cimino, Bob Bachman, Billy Hunt and Junior Bartels)
(Photos - courtesy of Junior Bartels)

Bob Miller - 'Man-in-charge!'

___?, (d.)Bob Bachman, (d.)Junior And Mary Bartels, ___?

(d.)Bernie Egan, Tony Cimino, (d.)Warren Holtzberg, (d.)Billy Johnson, Dick Goold

Frank Johnson, Casper Thielman, Dick Neely, (d.)Earl Wagner, (d.)Warren Holtzburg

(d.)Bill Plasch

Tony Cimino

Mr. & Mrs. (d.)Billy Hunt

Mrs. Russ Sanburn, Mr. & Mrs. (d.)Billy Hunt

Mr. & Mrs. (d.)Jerry Probst, Harry Byrd, Bob Klien

Russ & Mary Ann Sanborn, Mr. & Mrs. (d.)Billy Hunt, Tony Cimino

(d.)Billy Hunt

Roger Miller

Bob and Bev Miller

Mary and (d.)Don Fisher

Billy Mingus, (d.)Vince Volpe

____?, Wayne Winslow, ____?

(d.)Dick Brown, LeRoy and Terry Halle

____?, (d.)Bob Mauntel, ____?, ____?, ____>,

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