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Chicago Center Fun & Party Times - #2.
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(1984) - Retirement Party - Album #2.
(for Tony Cimino, Bob Bockman, Billy Hunt and Junior Bartels)
(Photos - courtesy of Junior Bartels)

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Fossel, Roger & Mrs. Brubaker

(d.)Don Hunzinga, Roger Miller, Bob Pippett, Fred Gilbert

(d.)Tom Kuebelbeck, Lee Peterson, (d.)Jerry Lynch, ____?

____?, Lou Anzalone, Tim McCann, Phil Coulter

____?, Mr. & Mrs. (d.)Billy Johnson, Doug French

(d.)Bill Gillum, Billy Mingus, (d.)Vince Volpe

Marv Bohm, 'Sugarfoot' Stammer

Connie Guglielmi, (d.)John Blasko, Bob Seymour

Dean Anderson, (d.)Don and Mary Fisher

The GREEN BERET's  of the East Terminal

Billy Mingus, (d.)Bill Plasch, Bob Miller, Tony Cimino, (d.)Junior Bartels, Forest Zeal, LeRoy Halle

(d.)Junior Bartels

Tony Cimino, Bob Miller

"Going Away Parties" - "Retirement Parties" - "Any-Excuse-for-a-Party Parties"

Roger Johnson, Pat ____? (Medical Dept.) ____?, John Siebert, Galen Dillow

Roger Johnson, Pat ____? (Medical Dept.)  |  ____?, John Siebert, Galen Dillow

"Bring your child to work day!"

You read about the kid at JFK Tower, but how about the dog at ZKC?

"Euston Paddington Belinke" - ZKC
(Watch supe allowed 10 minutes for photo op.)

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