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Chicago Center Retirees
(Mini-Reunion = 2 or more couples for lunch/dinner)

(The Villages of Florida, 2014 - Album #1.)

Fun afternoon in The Villages of Florida  with old Chicago ARTCC and Minneapolis ARTCC Controllers and spouses.  Dinner at the Arnold Palmer Legends Country Club, then refreshments and reminiscing at Judy and Jake Jacobson's beautiful home.

Dining at Arnold Palmer's Legends C.C.

Jim Pluntz, Erv Schultz, Norris 'Jake' Jacobson, Gary Adsit

Jim, Erv, Jake, Gary, Judy, Jill, Shar

Nancy Jorgenson, Karen Fandrick, John Jorgenson

Jim, Erv, Jake

Judy Jacobson, Jill Schultz

The party continues as we wind our way through a maze of golf carts and traffic circles to Judy and Jake's house...

John, Jake and Gary

Erv, Jill, Shar, Judy

Jill and Erv Schultz

Karen Fandrick and Judy Jacobson

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