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Chicago Center Album - Couples

Jill and Erv Schultz - (Illinois & Florida)

Ron & Karen Fandrick - (Florida)

Teresa and Steve Ford
- (Florida)

Rod and Linda Peterson  - (Florida)

Dick and Dee Leupold

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Winslow


Russell and Mary Ann Sanborn

Chicago Party! - (about 1975)

Roy & Linda Root, Ron & Jan Fandrick,
Mr. & Mrs. Wally Sundberg, Mr. & Mrs. Rick Brandis

Lou Anzalone, Leroy Halle, Sy Kok

Lou Anzalone, Leroy Halle, Sy Kok

(2010) - Pump Room - Bath, England

Cheri and Bob Belinke

Bob and Bill in London, and later in Orlando

Bob Belinke & Former President Bill Clinton

(At a Clinton Foundation Event in London UK)

Terry and (d.) Don Young

(2010) - Chicago Center Retiree & Wife

Ernie & Clare Grob

(2007) - Dinner in St. Petersburg, FL

Ron & Karen Fandrick, Dori and Sy Kok

Shirlene & Dannie Dreher -- (Jasper, IN - 2006)
(Married 48 Years)

Ron and Karen Fandrick (Florida)

Ed and (d.)Jane Johnson (Texas)

Warren "Dean" Anderson Mary Nell (Mrs. Dean) Anderson

Dean and Mary Nell Anderson (Feb. 2001) Fun N Sun Resort; San Benito, TX - Advertising in the Mardi Gras Parade
for the July 2001 Fly-In at Oshkosh, Wi (Parade entry won first place - of 30 entries - in several

Jacie & Phil Coulter (Pharr, TX) Ed "Fast Eddie" and Jane Johnson (Hemphill, TX - 2000) Ron and Marsha Wiest

Dean and Delores Martin Dee and Don Simpson

Don and Dee Simpson Mary and Wes Gibson Russ and Mary Ann Sanborn

Christmas 2004  --  Dick and Nancy (d.2005) Goold (Wisconsin) -- 2003

Hank and Gloria Bronson Frank and Verna Buczyna Tom and Mary Ann Lindsay Frank and Shirley Scully Roger and Janet Christianson Marty and Lorraine Lauth

"Please send any other 'couples' photographs and I'll add them to this page!"

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