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Chicago Center Album #1A2.

Aurora, Illinois - (Mini Reunions)


(September, 2013) - Rochester,Minnesota

(Two, old East-High Controllers) - Ed Johnson and Ron Fandrick
met in Rochester when Ed brought his daughter, Sue
to the Mayo Clinic. Ron was visiting family in the Twin
Cities, and drove down to join them for dinner.

(August 2004) - Minnesota - Ex-Chicago ARTCC Golf Outing

Photo - Courtesy of Tom Donahoe

John Schoeler, Roger Brubaker, Frank Scully, Dave Peterson,
(d.)Mike Ciancanelli, Bob McClelland, Vern Anderson, (d.)Tom Donahoe

(Feb. 2002) - Northern Florida - Ex-Chicago ARTCC Gathering

"Snowbirds" around Fort Walton Beach and Destin -- 2002

(Standing) __(Non-FAA), Harvey Keck, Dick White, Lee Peterson, Rog Johnson
(Kneeling) - Norris "Jake" Jacobson, Tony Cimino, Ace Salinas

"Snowbirds" around Fort Walton Beach and Destin -- 2002

(Top Row) - (non-FAA), Harvey Keck, Dick White, Rog Johnson, Lee Peterson, Ace Salinas
(Middle)  - Judy Jacobson, Mrs. White, Sue Johnson, (non-FAA), Arlene Salinas
(Kneeling) - Jan Peterson, Norris "Jake" Jacobson, Tony Cimino

F-Troop (1967)
Dean Anderson, (d.)Tom McMahon, (d.)Walt Wiliams (d.)Jerry Probst
(Kneeling) (d.)Ken Sapp, (d.)John Murphy

Aurora Hilton - 1984
Aurora Hilton Retiree Breakfast - 1984

(d.)Russell Johnson (AF) , Bill Haines, Lou Anzalone, Curly Schneider, (d.)Joe Konrath, Bob Seymour,
(d.)Connie Graf, (d.)Warren Holtsberg, (d.)Bill Gillum, (d.)Dick Brown, Phil Coulter, Bob Carter, (d.)Charles Mercer

3 Guys in 1981

Tony Cimino, Russ Sanborn, Richard Furtek

1960's Christmas Party

Frank Broich, Russ Sanborn, George Acri, (d.)Tom Donohue, (d.)Bill Johnson, (d.)Wally Cronkhite

"This is what Retirement is all about, guys!"

Larry's Fish (30k) "This what retirement is all about!" (86k)
Typical day in Texas for Larry and Ed!

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