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Chicago Center Album #01.

Aurora, Illinois - (ZAU Retiree's Monthly Breakfasts)

"Come out and join us!"
(3rd Thursday every month: @
Select Restaurant)

(Located in Montgomery, IL = far back in a corner of the Boulder Hill Market
shopping center at Route25 and Boulder Hill Pass..)

September 18, 2014

Hank Bronson, Frank Broich, John Jorgenson, Ed Johnson, Phil Coulter
Dick Goold, Dave Harper, Roger Brubaker, Forest Zeal, Marv Bohm

(Photos: Courtesy of Jeff Bronson)

Jerry Schmitt, Ace Salinas, John Sibert, ___?, ___?, ___?

Hank Bronson, ___?, John Jorgenson, Ed Johnson, Phil Coulter, Tony Cimino

 Dick Goold, ___?

Ed Johnson, Phil Coulter, Tony Cimino, ___?

October 17, 2013

(Photos - Courtesy of Phil Coulter)

September 19, 2013

Jerry Schmitt, Phil Coulter, Dick Gould

(Photos - Courtesy of Phil Coulter)

Marv Bohm

Jerry Schmitt

Bob Stevens

John Sibert

Frank Broich

Dick Goold

(Photos - Courtesy of Phil Coulter)

September 15, 2011

Retirement Breakfast & Tour of Chicago Center

ZAU Retiree Breakfast Club!

L-R: Wiley Zabel, Jerry Schmidt, Phil Coulter, Sam Passialis (tour guide),
Carl DeBroux, Bob Seymour, Bob Klein, Tony Cimino,
(d.)Donn Lynch

L-R: Ernie Grob, Bill Mingus, Forest Zeal, Leroy Halle,
John Sibert, Ace Salinas, Frank Broich

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