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FAA Airline Fleet

N60 = Douglas DC-3

Album # 14.3

Airplanes of the FAA

N93 = Convair


N464 = DC-7

N64 = SabreLiner

N85 = Sabreliner

N51 = Sabreliner

N64 = Sabreliner


Cessna Citation-500 and -560

N93 = Convair-580

N49 = Convair-580

N66 = Beech-300 - Super King Air

N98 = Fairchild - (Wasilla, Alaska)

N86 = Canadian Challenger

N87 = Canadian Challenger

N96 = BAE-125

N464 = DC-7 - (1961)

N47 = Bombardier

N42 = Convair-880

N29 = DC-9

This FAA Academy's DC-9 evacuated personnel and flew in critical supplies on a relief mission of Hurricane Hugo in September, 1989. As part of the FAA Academy, the Aviation Standards Branch is responsible for the training programs of the Aviation Standards National Field Office, the Aircraft Certification Service, and the Flight Standards Service.

The training is designed to maintain technical proficiency of FAA flight and operations personnel responsible for maintaining the safety of the flying public.


N40 = B-727

N40 = B-727 - Flight Check

N1 = Grumman Gulfstream

N54 = LearJet-60

N57 = LearJet - Flight Check

N59 = LearJet-60

N18 = Beech-90 KingAir

N70 = Beech-300 Super KingAir

This B-720 (N23) is used in crash test activities.

This B-747 (Once flown by BOAC) is now being used by the FAA for non-destructive testing at the
FAA Aging Aircraft NDI Validation Center in New Mexico.


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