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Chicago Center 2013 REUNION
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2013 Annual Reunion
    Album #07. 

"Special Surprise Entertainment"
(by Roger Johnson)



Marty Lauth, ROGER JOHNSON, Cindy Berkeley

"Notice the proximity of the chairs to the edge of the pool!"

Les & Estelle Tucker, Roger, Karen, Erv

Les & Estelle Tucker, Roger Johnson

"...And then it happened..."

"It's cold at first, but you get used to it!"

"...Hey Jerry, Did you know these chairs don't float?"

"Come on in ... the water's fine!"

"OK -- Who's next?"

"Thanks for the towels, Audrey!"


1. A pre-planned event to liven up the party...
2. "See...I told you these chairs don't float."
3. Some people will do ANYTHING to get attention!
4. Many years of poolside dining: It HAD to happen!!
5. "I think Les pushed me!"

Dry shirt in car.... (Obviously a pre-planned event.)
7. "What's a pool for, if not for a swim?"
8. " cell phone, but wallet got wet!"
9. "Hey about a floating table next time?"
10. "Back in Illinois, no problem, would have landed on ice!"

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"Seriously, Roger was a good sport, was not injured (other than a slightly bruised ego.) He has a great sense of humor and we all enjoyed some fun laughs."

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