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Chicago Center 2013 REUNION
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2013 Annual Reunion
Album #06. 
(Saturday February 23, 2013)


"Do-You-Remember" Stories...

Karen, Gail, Terry, Berndt, Marty

Jeff Bronson, Marty Lauth, Cindy Berkeley

Mrs. Norino, Steve, Dave Harper, Ralph Norino, Cindy

Erv Schultz, Roger Johnson

John Jorgenson, Cindy Berkeley, Ralph Norino

John, Hank, George, Marty

Leroy and Terry Halle - (2014 Reunion Hosts)

Steve & Cindy, Mrs. Norino, Terry, Ralph, Leroy

Jill Schultz, Sue & Roger Johnson

Roger, Estelle, Les, Erv, Karen

Click HERE for Roger Johnson's "SPECIAL SURPRISE" Entertainment!

Jerry's Special 43' Sailboat!

"We all want one... but, not the associated maintenance issues!"

Last revised: May 06, 2013

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