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Chicago Center Album #27.
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(2006) - Chicago Center Retirees - Florida Reunion

(d.)Willis and Joan Zinn

Karen Fandrick, and Terry Halle

Bud Holland, Ace Salinas, Dave Harper

Jack Glover, Denny Burke

Marty Lauth, Bill Delaney, Annette Ridley

"What's the topic of THIS Conversation?"

Ron Wiest, Bob Pippett

Judy Jacobson, Dori Kok, Karen Fandrick, Jake Jacobson, Sy Kok, Annette Ridley, Joe Goggin

Denny Burke, Jerry Lewis

Ron Wiest, Bob Miller

George Harrell, (d.)Fred Ridley, Sy Kok (back to camera)

Joe Goggin, Charles 'Sal' Salvaggione

Dave Harper, Cindy Berkley

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