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Chicago Center 2 Million Operations
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Busiest in the world - 1978

December 29, 1978 - Were you at ZAU?

On December 29, 1978 Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center air traffic controllers in Aurora, Illinois logged their two millionth aircraft operation for the year. This is the first time for any air traffic facility has handled 2,006,031 operations in a single year, making Chicago Center the busiest in the world.

Over 700 air traffic specialists aid in separating aircraft flying in the center's 109,000 square mile area, covering parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio. Also assigned to the facility are more than 100 Airway Facility specialists responsible for keeping the center's sophisticated radar, computer, communications and electronics equipment operating at maximum efficiency 24 hours each day.

1978 Personnel Changes

During 1978 over 100 employees retired, transferred to other facilities
or moved on to different activities: Air Traffic Personnel | Airway Facilities Personnel

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