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Chicago Center Album - (History #4.)

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ZAU 1962 | Couples | Midway #1.

Early Days at Midway

Here are some great old photos contributed by Marty Lauth. "Great Memories of Years Ago!"
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1962 Last Day at the old Chicago ARTCC
Midway Airport - National Guard Hangar

 Last day at Chicago Center - Midway

View from High Altitude down to East Low

Ron Fossel, Maxie Bailey

The 'Olden Days' of White Shirts and Black Ties

Connie Graf, ___?, ___?, ___?, Tom Lindsay

A-Side - Len Bishop, ?Wally Sundberg?

Al Gray (back to camera), Jim Brassard (in back on right), Knies (sitting),
Harold Crook
(standing), Ray Cullerton (with headset on)

Merle Loop

Casper Thielman, Don Turner (looking at camera)

Ron Fossel, Gary Scheller, Maxie Bailey

A-Side - Terry Doss

Connie Graf, Leonard Jankowski

Bell, Charlie Weber, Joe Goggin

Tom Lindsay, Bob Schliff, ?Don Fisher?

Warren Knies, Bob Atkinson, Tom Lindsay, Schliff

 Photos in this Album - courtesy of Marty Lauth

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