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Chicago Center 2008 REUNION
Marcia & Ron's Home - Album #38.

(Wonderful Shrimp and Fruit Appetizers)

Judy Jacobson, Terry Halle, Lorraine Lauth, Audrey Lewis, LeRoy Halley

Judy and Norris Jacobson (The Villages, FL), Karen Fandrick (New Port Richey, FL)

Melody Bogle, Bob Pippett, Bob Mauntel

Tony Cimino, Ron Wiest, Marty Lauth

Jake Jacobson, (d.)Bob Mauntel, Ann and Bob Carter

Dean Martin and Melody Bogle

Bob Miller, Frank Johnson (Standing), Bob Pippett, Frank Scully (Standing), Sy Kok

Marty Lauth, Frank Scully, Judy McClelland

Serious discussion on the dock by Ron's Boat

(d.)Bob Mauntel, Dean and Delores Martin

Jerry and Audrey Lewis, Dave Harper, Terry Bolerjack

Paul Dean (Elgin, IL), Terry Halle

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