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Chicago Center 2008 REUNION
Golf Outing - Album #36A.

Bob McClelland - Ann Carter, Judy McClelland (by cart)

Shirley and Frank Scully (Hot Springs Village, AR)

Shirley Scully - (Avoided the water, but not the beach!)

"I can do that too... Watch!"

Delores Martin

Judy McClelland

Les Turner

Delores and Dean Martin - (Kansas City, MO)

Marty Lauth, Bob Atkinson, Ace Salinas

Bob Carter


Delores Martin

"What? Did I miss the ball again?"

Dean Martin

Paul Dean (Elgin, IL) - LeRoy Halle (North Port, FL)

Sy Kok (St. Petersburg, FL), Ron Fandrick (New Port Richey, FL)

Jerry Lewis and (one of the many water hazards that ate many balls)

Bob Pippett and George Runner

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