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Chicago Center 2008 REUNION
Welcome - Album #35.

Annual ZAU-Florida Reunion
(Cape Coral, FL)

(Hosted by Ron & Marcia Wiest)

"Ron and Marcia opened their beautiful waterside home to about 60 guests
for fantastic fellowship, wonderful, tasty food and refreshments and an
afternoon of sharing great memories with friends from Chicago Center."

"...TWA37, Roger, turn right 20 degrees, slow to 250 knots, and descend to 310..."
(OOPs, wrong phraseology)... take Cape Coral Avenue West to Sands Blvd, turn right
on SW 45th street, turn left on 26th Court, You can't miss all the cars already here.

("Controlling 500mph jets for years, Cimino, how can you get lost in this little town?")

Assisting Reunion Registration with name tags!

"Collecting money for an excellent afternoon buffet and desserts!"

Marty (always posing for the camera) Lauth

"Give me your money for dinner!"

"Tasty, Healthy Appetizers"

Sy Kok, LeRoy Halle (Solving all the world's problems!)

Bob and Ann Carter, Bob Miller...

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