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Chicago Center Album #20.
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February 2005 - Chicago Center-Florida Reunion
(Hosted by Terry and Leroy Halle - North Port, Florida)

"Special Thanks to Terry and LeRoy for sharing their beautiful home!"

("And to two nice Collies who didn't mind the company!")

Karen Fandrick talking to host LeRoy Halle about boats!

("... the one that got away, was THIS big!")

Jerry Lewis and Marty Lauth

Terry and LeRoy Halle's Special Banquet

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries were the Best!

LeRoy and Terry Provided Great Appetizers!

More 'Serious Conversations' before lunch!

Ron Wiest, John Germata, LeRoy Halle, Karen Fandrick,
Marty Lauth, Jerry Lewis

Bob Belinke, Wes Gibson  |  Sy Kok, Hank Bronson 

Photo Courtesy of Bob Belinke

Ace Salinas and Frank Johnson

Karen Fandrick, Joe Goggin, (d.)Fred Ridley

Roger Johnson and Annette Ridley

Photo - Courtesy of Bob Belinke

____?, Karen Fandrick, Sue Johnson, Bob Miller, Ron Fandrick

Kitchen - (Favorite Gathering Place!)

Annette Ridley, Ron Fandrick, Roger Johnson, Joe Goggin

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