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Chicago Center Album #11.
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February 2003 - Chicago Center - Florida Reunion

Bob Miller getting everyone's attention to go to lunch!

Bob Miller trying to organize a Group Photo

ZAU 2003 Florida Reunion Lunch
"The Wheelhouse" - Ft. Myers, FL

Jerry and Audrey Lewis

(d.)Bob Mauntel, Andy Anderson

Special Birthday Celebration!

Bev Miller, Audrey Lewis, Ann Rozema, Carol Klein

Marty and Lorraine Lauth  Bob Miller Checking his lists!

Marty and (d.)Lorraine Lauth  |  Bob Klien, Bob Miller, Carol Klein

Bob Atkinson, Bud Holland, Marty Lauth

Ron Wiest, (d.)Bob Mauntel, Andy Anderson

Shirley and Frank Scully, Casper Thielman

Photo Courtesy of Hank Bronson

(d.)Willis and Jean Zinn

Dori and Sy Kok, Ted Migala

Jerry and Janice Kalita

Back at Rozema's House after Lunch!

Frank Scully, Frank Johnson, George Harrell

___?, Audrey Lewis

Dave Harper, Ted Migala, Jerry Lewis, (d.)Bob Mauntel,
Frank Johnson, Andy Anderson, Frank Sculley

Bud Holland, (d.)Willis Zinn, Pumpkin Anderson, (d.)Bob Mauntel

Casper Thielman, Bob Klein, Ann Rozema, ___?

(d.)Bob Mauntel, Tom Lindsay, Bob Klein, Carol Klein, Sy Kok

Bob Miller and Ron Wiest

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