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 'City NEVER Sleeps!'

The Super Shuttle to our hotel (Millennium Broadway), took longer then anticipated and the hotel upgraded our room to their Premium Luxury Hotel which also included 5-7 PM Happy Hour and 7-10 AM Breakfast. Great accommodations just off Times Square.


 Midtown Manhattan; New York City, New York



Hospitality Room for 'Happy Hour' - 'Breakfast' - Use of either PC or MAC Computer.


Times Square

Times Square is the place to find activity '24/7'. Blocked off streets allowed for tables and chairs to enjoy the Spring air, and do some serious 'people watching'. We found it to be a very safe place with several policemen visible all the time. "New York City never sleeps!"

"We enjoyed a 'midnight Starbucks' at a red street table."

The 'Red Steps' in Times Square is a good place to meet and enjoy the sights and the lights of New York. (It's brighter than Las Vegas!). Under the 'Red Steps' is the 'TKTS' booths where you can get discount tickets for Broadway shows. We bought half-price tickets for "Memphis". (Wonderful show at the Shubert Theatre - nominated for 8 Tony Awards!)

This Walgreens in the Heart of Times Square is open 24 hours. It's a 3-story building with escalators between floors. At 11:00 PM, I counted 15 people in line waiting to check out at 3 cash registers.

New York's Finest...

Times Square was always well-protected by the New York Police Department. In addition to the numerous policemen, we saw many security cameras attached to buildings and also above us. We felt safe here, and the policemen were always helping tourists with directions and other questions.

A Sidewalk News Stand - Always Busy!

Everything you need - right on the street - always a fun place to browse and buy the news!

Last revised: October 24, 2014

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