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Tower of London

 Our 7th day in London began when we rode the 'Tube' from
 Victoria Station to Waterloo Station to board the high-speed
 EuroStar Train (up to 186 mph) through the 'Chunnel' (Under
 the English Channel for 30 minutes)
to Paris. A smooth,
 comfortable, quiet, fast 2 1/2 hour trip.

Victoria Station is always busy!

Arriving at the Waterloo Station 'Tube' Stop...

"About a minute after we went through the gates to take the escalator to the train...

officials began to evacuate the EuroStar Train area, where we were waiting, and we had
to go back out of that area while a 'bomb squad' was called.
(Apparently some stupid person
left a bag unattended.)
About an hour later we boarded our train to Paris."
(Karen may look deep in thought, but she wasn't afraid either!)

Ready to board and have a great trip!

The EuroStar Train was wonderful. It wasn't anything like the rocking cars, and constant
'clickety-clack' of other trains we've ridden. The ride was extremely smooth and quiet.
At up to 186mph we were in Paris in 2 1/2 hours. The time spent under the English
Channel (30 minutes)
went by quickly. A dining car had drinks and refreshments.

We enjoyed the British countryside and small towns before the Chunnel and the French
side later.

The Paris Metro is very similar to the London 'Tube', and we purchased
our 4-day unlimited tickets at the Waterloo Station in London before we
left (again avoiding lines in Paris). We also bought a 30-Day Museum pass
at Waterloo which was convenient to many great museums in Paris as
well as the Eiffel Tower and other places.

We ordered some Euros from our bank before we left the USA, so again it was convenient
to have some local cash, and not have to wait in lines. Although there are ample ATM's
all over the city.

We had to change our mindset from British Pounds to Euros, and learn the different coin
values. Paper Euros are in 5.0, 10.0, 20.0, and 50.0, but like the Pound the 50.0
was not recommended as there are so many counterfeits. There is no 1.0 equivalent
of our $ Dollar bill; instead they have 1 and 2 coins..

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