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Tower of London

 Our 5th day in London continues and is about our very special 5th day
 or rather evening when we saw our first London production. London has
 wonderful theatres with comfortable, wide seats, great acoustics and
 of course the acting, the sets, the quick changes of scenes is the best
 in the world. We were so immersed in the first show that we went back
 to the 'tkts' booth and bought tickets for another show.

London Theatre - 'The Best in the World'

A brief list of the more than 40 shows currently playing in London Theatre!

Memorize this Important Picture - (before you go to London!)

Half-price or discounted, same-day show tickets are available at 'tkts' in Leicester Square. ("Les` ter")
NOTE: This is the ONLY 'Official' Society of London ticket booth.
(It is located on the southern side of Leicester Square near the clock tower.)

 You'll see many other signs and booths offering discounts, but tickets sometimes
offered only obstructed views, so don't be ripped off by these imitations.

Remember: The Clock Tower 'tkts'.

You may remember David Soul starring in the TV series 'Starsky and Hutch'.

Wonderful Musical

Criterion Theatre at Picadilly Circus

We used half-priced tickets to see our first London Show...

  The Show: This musical, out of the Silent Movie era and 1920s Hollywood, tells the heart-wrenching love story of two of its
  greatest legends: Mack Sennett "The King of Comedy" and his star, comedienne Mabel Normand. Romance, jealousy, and
  stardom foreshadowing scandal and heartbreak. Every cast member played a musical instrument. Fabulous!!!!!!

London Theatre is so good that you become immersed in the productions and completely shut out the outside world.
We enjoyed our first show so much, we went back the next morning for tickets to another show. Tickets aren't available
for every show, every day, so you need to check their listings. We wanted to see 'The Lion King' and 'Mama Mia', but
there wasn't time on this trip. I'd come back to London again just for the great theatre. 'The Producers' was the best!

  The Show: This terrific musical, won more Tony Awards than any other show in Broadway History. The New York City
 Website, has several individual scenes of the production. Mel Brook's adaptation of his
 Oscar winning film hilariously portrays pathetic producer Max Bialystock and equally hopeless accountant Leo Bloom's
 bizarre plans to deliberate theatrical flop 'Springtime for Hitler'. Almost as good as 'Les Miserables' and "The Phantom of the Opera"

The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane has a rich heritage dating back to 1663; the current building
itself opened as far back as1812. It is one of the only three Grade One listed theatres in London.

"The Lion King" -- Musical Playing at the Lyceum Theater

Stay in touch with the Internet!

We found a couple of Internet Cafes which were great for following Karen's mother's
progress in the hospital in Columbus, OH. We also printed our return flight boarding
passes, and used the seat selection process to move closer to the front of the plane.

"Finally got a little taste of London's famous rainy weather!"


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