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Tower of London

 Our 4th day in London continues with more London street scenes
 taken from the open-top Big Bus. This was a great way to see store
 fronts with unusual names, interesting people, fun places to explore
 later, restaurants to check out, parks and fountains to visit, sites we
 planned to see - from our daily list we compiled each evening, and
 just riding to give our feet a rest from miles of walking and steps.

  Photos of London from an Open-Top Bus  

Notice the 'LOOK LEFT' sign on the street (for tourists not used to London's traffic).

Some busy one-way streets!

Fun way to tour London (Convertible Bus - with the top down!)

    The National Gallery - (London's Leading Art Museum)  

The National Gallery as seen from Trafalgar Square...

Another 'Hidden Discovery' as we explored London!

    London's Store Fronts with 'fun names'!   

'Sweaty Betty's'

'The Fiddler's Elbow' - (Ever seen a left-handed violinist?)

'Check the Giant Shoes on the Railing above the store...'

'Hundreds of Coffee places in London!'

'Would you let Mad Lilly cut your hair?'

'The Bunch of Grapes'

'Never at a loss for postcards!'

'World News always a few steps away!'

'Always outdoor dining for great People-Watching!'

'Don't you just love that hat?'

"The Moon Under Water!"

'Never go thirsty in London!'

'No, the Prince doesn't live here!'

"Only Shepherds allowed..."

"The Meeting Place!"

King George's?  President George B's?

Cure for Crazy Cravings!


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