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Tower of London

 Our 4th day in London began with an open-top bus tour to get a
 great overview of the sites of London. We bought tickets on "The
 Big Bus Company", which also included a free river cruise. The
 live commentary was very helpful in identifying various sites. We
 could hop-on and hop-off as often as we could in 24 hours. It was
 a great way to plan our walking and Tube stops around London.

  Open Bus Tours of London 

"Tourist Karen from America!"

Great views from the top of the bus!

Unusual 'football -shaped' office building is the Swiss RE Tower!

"What an interesting International City!"

Tower Bridge over the River Thames

Open-bus view of the Eye from Westminster Bridge

    The Tower of London   

Begun in 1078 during the reign of William the Conqueror, this well-preserved castle complex was
originally a royal residence, the tower was increasingly used as a prison after Henry VIII relocated
to Whitehall Palace in 1529. Sir Thomas More, Lady Jane Grey and Princess (later Queen) Elizabeth
were all held captive here.  -- King Henry VIII's wife Anne Boleyn was one queen beheaded here and
today it's where you'll find the British Crown Jewels. The last prisoner was Nazi Rudolf Hess (1940).

International News is always available!

News Headlines describe the 'heat wave', beautiful London weather!

"A new adventure around every corner!"

Huge, beautiful horse sculptures!

   Unique to London!  

1. Red Phone Booths; 2. Black Taxis; 3. Double-Decker Busses
4. The Best Theatre in the World; 5. Harrod's and much more...



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