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Tower of London

 This was a fun day exploring more of Central London which is divided
 into three areas: The City, The
West End and West London. The
West End, or 'downtown' London is famous for Picadilly Circus, and
Leicester Square (les`-ter), and Covent Garden. Each of these areas
 offer great 'people-watching', theater, entertainment and shopping.

   London's  Picadilly Circus!  

Picadilly Circus is one of the world's best-known and most visited site in London with its famous
illuminated advertising signs. Here you'll find megastores, glitzy arcades, and restaurants.

A popular meeting point - on the steps of the statue of Eros.

Exciting Squares at night too!

   London's  Hamley's Toy Store!

Near Picadilly Circus, you'll find, (on Regent St.) the finest toy store in the world.
An international reputation for its magical, atmosphere, choice of products and:

With more than 35,000 toys and games on seven floors, it's a fun place to browse and shop.

Leiscester Square was one of our favorite places to come back to when we needed
a break and a Starbucks. It's also the location of the 'tkts' booth for show tickets and a
great place to watch people, and street vendors like this sidewalk caricature artist.

Interesting Outdoor Daily Events at Leicester Square!

Buddha's Birthday Celebration at Leicester Square

One of the costumes to celebrate Buddha's Birthday!

Bells Rang at the top of each Hour in Leicester Square!

Several animated figures put on a show each hour.

Farm animals from Switzerland moved across the display...

Leicester Square Starbucks!

Our favorite outdoor 'people-watching' location!

The Royal Opera House and Covent Garden Market are found in Covent Garden, one of the most
popular gathering spots in London. You'll find restaurants, shops, pubs, and markets  with many
 stalls for a great selection of crafts, jewellery and antiques. More than 200 artists and craft-
people have stalls and barrows in the North Hall collectively known as the Apple Market.



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