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Tower of London

 Our 3rd day in London continues - more photos from our open-
 top tour bus. Great way to make a list of things to see while walking
 around or finding places on our maps to view later using the Tube
 or bus or more walking around...

    (We walked many miles and loved every minute of it!)

  London Street Scenes 

More Street Views...

"No... we didn't stop and get a T-shirt!"

Wonderful new neighborhoods, many we came back to later!

We didn't get a chance to come back here (on this trip).

An abundance of outdoor eating places...

"People Watching is a great Sport!"

"I'd like one of each, please!"

"But... we'll walk off all the extra calories...."

  Embassy Row 

... didn't get a chance to practice my Russian!

This 'low-key' building is our American Embassy in London.


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