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Tower of London

 Our 2nd day Continues with more photos from my favorite:
 The London Millennium 'EYE'. Unless you were in an airplane
 over London, how else could you take photos like these?

 Good thing for Digital Cameras or we'd have a lot of film
 processing costs...

London's 'EYE' Views of Europe's Largest City:

Houses of Parliament and Clock Tower (Big Ben) on the Thames River

Wonderful way to plan what you want to see in London!

Wheel Shadow on the River Thames...

More views from the top of the 'EYE'

"Digital Cameras are great!"

Another view of Westminster Bridge...

Westminster Abbey is top right behind Big Ben!

South Bank Lion, Dali Universe and London Aquarium

"Hi, Up There!"

"Hello, Down There!"

What a 'piece of work'! It was built laying flat on a barge in the Thames River.
and then raised with cranes. The individual capsules were then added.

"Beautiful at Sunset and early evening too!"


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