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Tower of London

 Our 2nd day in London began with a scheduled flight on the famous
 Millennium 'Eye'.
(Don't call it a Ferris Wheel). It has 32 glass-enclosed
 capsules that hold up to 25 people. Instead of being suspended under
 gravity they turn within circular mounting rings fixed to the main rim,
 allowing a spectacular 360 degree panorama at the top. We bought our
 Fast Track tickets OnLine for
22.00 and avoided the queue. Others:
 11.70, Senior 9.00.
The 'flight' takes 30 minutes for great photos.

  British Airways London 'EYE'

The London Eye, once known as the 'Millennium Wheel', is the world's highest observation wheel.
It is one of London's top attractions offering amazing 350 degree views from its glass pods. If you
time it right, you can see all of London lit up at sunset. It is 135m high. Book ahead - long queues.

News Flash from China: The 'EYE' is no longer the world's tallest Ferris wheel.
The 525-foot-high 'Star of Nanchange, opened in early May 2006 and is 82' taller than
 the London 'EYE'. It is lit up with fluorescent red and blue lights. 30 minute rotation.

Karen on the Westminster Bridge near the 'EYE'

My two favorites in London!

The 'EYE' is a great reason to visit London!

Loading passengers in the huge capsules...

Ron and Karen (May, 2006)

"I've wanted to take a 'flight' on the Eye since I first saw it on TV - New Year's Eve 2000"

The Capsule ahead of us!

Karen and the Houses of Parliament!

Viewing London from above!

The capsule ahead of us!

...hanging in mid-air...

"This 30-Minute Flight was one of the highlights of our Holiday!"


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