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 Our 1st day continues with our walking tour of Central London after
 we dropped our luggage off at our hotel. With the time change and
 sitting on a plane for 9 hours, it was good to walk around in the nice
 London weather and explore all the new areas, buildings, parks and
 do some serious 'People Watching' and learn our way around.

  Exploring London by walking around! 

Driving on the wrong side of the road...

   Marble Arch - (Across from Speaker's corner - Hyde Park)     

"A brave motor scooter rider in London's traffic!"

One of Europe's many outdoor cafes!

"Everyone in the world has a cell phone!"

 Another well-marked Tube Entrance...

   Buckingham Palace Gates

Memorial seen through Buckingham Palace Gates from Green Park

 Green Park view from the Memorial! 

Queen Victoria Memorial

Buckingham Palace -- "Where's the Queen?"

Queen Victoria Memorial (Across from Buckingham Palace)


A 'slightly-tired first-day Tourist' and Mallard Duck!



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