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Dean Byron Gudmestad  - (1941-2009)

(Album #5.)


Bill Perleberg, one of Deans' best friends and co-worker often
played 'Johnny Cash' type music and they had great fun with
Dean's singing (deep, gravely like Johnny Cash).

Bill paid a special tribute to Dean at the Prayer Service on Thursday night
and also at the funeral Friday afternoon with a medley of favorite songs.

Johnny Cash


One of Dean's favorite recording artists.

Visit the Official JOHNNY CASH Website:

Dean and Bill knew the words and music to all the songs on these albums.

(September 24, 2009) - Evening Prayer Service

A Celebration of Dean's Life took place at the Eddy Funeral Home Chapel in Jamestown, ND. (Over 100 of his friends and family were in attendance). Dean's best friend Bill Perleman provided some beautiful music, and shared some nice memories about Dean and especially about how he loved Diana and his family. Dean liked to talk a lot and Diana was always first among his topics. Diana wanted the evening to be a happy event - a Celebration of Life,  and Bill reminded everyone of the first 3 letters of funeral: FUN. Diana preferred a celebration of memories instead of any sadness.

Dressed in 'Johnny Cash' Black, Bill Sang several of his songs.

Dennis and ShawnDell's Jamestown Home

After the prayer service, family and friends were invited to ShawnDell and Dennis Moore's home for generous refreshments and more sharing of memories of Dean (Husband, Father, Brother, Brother-in-law and Grandfather). A beautiful Fall North Dakota evening under the stars, and a warm fire in their backyard.

Dennis and ShawnDell 'Sass' Gudmestad-Moore

Tasty Refreshments - Thanks to Dennis & Sass

Dean's son, Josh Gudmestad

Josh's Family

Paula, Jaden, Josh Gudmestad

Josh, Alex, Dakota, Diana, Luke

Rae (Mrs. Luke) Gudmestad, Diana

Paula and Jamie Gudemestad

Diana and Granddaughter Joslyn

"Celebration of Life for Dean!"

Grandson Andy

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