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Dean Byron Gudmestad  - (1941-2009)

We all have special memories of Dean!

Water Park -- Kid's Room

Dean Gudmestad

Dean was born to George and Carla (Anderson) in Marion, ND on October 26, 1941. He grew up in Litchville, ND and after graduation from high school in 1959, he attended Valley City State College.

(1941-1959) - Litchville, North Dakota

Gudmestad Relatives

?_____?, David Opdahl, Dean's sister Lois (black dress), Gary Opdahl,  
(Sunday School Teacher), Brian Opdahl, Tina Opdahl, ?_____?, Mike Opdahl

(1959-1961) - Valley City, North Dakota

Dean attended Valley City State College - where he met his future wife, Diana (Fandrick).

A Brisk Walk to Classes Across a Beautiful Campus!

A Winter Day Changes the view of this Bridge!


All About DEAN

Dean Gudmestad enjoyed life. First and foremost was his FAMILY, his wife, Diana, his 5 sons and 1 daughter, and all of his many grandchildren.

He enjoyed country MUSIC (especially Johnny Cash) and one of his best friends, Bill Perleberg provided guitar music and songs at both the prayer service and his funeral.

Dean had a tremendous love for reading, and one of his very favorite authors was Louis L'Amour, of which he read all of his BOOKS, some of them twice.

Dean enjoyed watching sporting events, and years ago was a huge fan of Johnny Unitas of the Baltimore Colts. More recently a Minnesota Vikings fan, and of course all of his sons' great basketball careers at Medina, ND, as well as his grandchildren's sporting events in Jamestown.

He was a great story teller, as his friend, and co-worker, Bill Perleberg told us. Dean loved telling stories and teasing his grandchildren and was known to have a few beers with his friends, singing to Bill's guitar music.

Dean was an active member of the Litchville and Medina Wildlife clubs.

(1961-1982) - Litchville, North Dakota

After College at Valley City State, Dean began farming near his family's farm at Litchville in 1961.

As many of us remember him:

(1982-1999) - Medina, North Dakota

Dean continued his farming career when he and Diana bought a farm near Medina, North Dakota
Their kids excelled in sports at Medina High School - especially in basketball.

Dean GUDMESTAD Family Farm

Winter Day at Medina bank.

Wedding Day - December 1, 1961

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