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Chicago Center - 2014
(The Villages of Florida Album #2.)

Nancy, Jim, John, Jake

Erv, Jill, Shar

 Judy, Karen, Nancy, Shar

Erv, Karen, Judy

Jill and Erv showing many photos of their European Riverboat trip last year through Germany and Switzerland. (Karen is ready to go next year...)

Jill, Karen, Erv

Judy, Nancy, Shar

Erv Schultz, Ron Fandrick

Jim, John, Jake

Jake, Gary

NOTE: I'm sure there are ZAU and ZMP folks that get together occasionally, for dinner for stopping by on the way to somewhere else, for a round of golf, or maybe just for a few 'Coors Light'.

Whenever there are two or more couples, it's called a "MINI-REUNION", so take a bunch of photos and send them to me for our Website!


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