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ChiChicago Center Album - (History #3.)

Moving from Midway to Aurora

Here are some great old photos contributed by Bob Riddle. "Things were sure different back then!"
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1962 Meeting at New Center in Aurora, Illinois

1962 Meeting at New Center in Aurora, IL

1st Row: (Unk), John Martin, Bob Atkinson, Francis Broich, Marty Lauth, Ray Cullerton, Bob Riddle, Tom Donahoe.
Don Markwell, Ted Javor, Harold Hale, Forrest Zeal, Jim Campbell, Ed Stevens, Tony Cimino, Cast Talz.
Bill Linton, Dick Leupold, Bob Throne, Bob Prather, Roy Robb, Brassard, Frank Crenna, Don Huizenga.
Dick White, (Unk), Rolly Carter, " McCarthy, (Unk), (Unk), Warren Anderson, Joe Davis, Connie Graf and Gil Piker.

(1963) - July 7, Aurora Beacon News

(Front) - James Bratton, Alan Larson, Casper Thielman
(Back) - Charles Corrigan, Francis Scully, Richard Furtek, Warren Anderson, Melvin Schneider

AWARD WINNERS - These controllers at the Aurora Air Route Traffic Control Center, 619 Indian Trail Road, received safety awards this week.

(Front) - Earl Samp, Richard Leupold, Anthony Cimino
(Back) - Michael Ciancanelli, Roland Carter, George Schoof, Ronald Fossel, Harold Lufkin

Raymond Belanger, chief controller of the center, presented the awards totaling $3,600, to the men for their performance in the safety of air traffic during 1962. The 16 men are employed as controllers.      The Aurora Center is responsible for the safe control of air traffic operating in five states in the Midwest. The Center covers traffic in 120,000 square miles of air space. The Center moved to Aurora from Midway Airport, Chicago on Dec. 2, 1962.      Belanger said the men's contribution to the operation of the center helps retain one of the best air traffic safety records in the United States.   -- Aurora Beacon News (July, 1963)


Old Midway Center - Chicago, IL

Midway Center - Chicago, IL (Before 1962) Mike Stratman, Ted Javor, Max Oklob, Ray Cullerton, Don Simpson

Ray Cullerton, Mike Stratmann, John Germata Don Simpson (on Radar), Max Oklob
Ray Cullerton, Mike Stratmann, John Germata  |  Don Simpson (on Radar), Max Oklob

Old Center at Midway; Chicago, Illinois (Pre-1962) Bob Atkinson, Ted Javor - Midway Center; Chicago, IL
Bob Atkinson, Ted Javor - Midway Center; Chicago, IL

Robert Rutkoske - First Computer, 1960 Bob Riddle - Midway Center (1959)
Robert Rutkoske - First Computer, 1960  |  Bob Riddle - Midway Center (1959)

"Please send any other 'Old Memories' photographs and I'll add them to this page!"

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