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  Our 4th day in Paris continues as we explore new  and exciting
  places, thanks to the great Paris Metro System.

 We had a fun surprise when the Cow Parade 2006 just happened to be
 in Paris during our visit. 110 cows were  decorated by artists to be
 auctioned off on 30 June to support the Africa Alive Foundation,
 which fights malnutrition and AIDS in Africa.
  Vacation.     ...

But, first... Breakfast!

 Outdoor cafe by street-side news stand.   "Breakfast before exploring!"

... and more interesting shops and markets

As we explored Paris, we found another Starbucks near the Opera House.

        Opera National de Paris Garnier        

 Opera National de Paris Garnier was designed by Charles Garnier for Napoleon III, Paris' opulent opera house
 resembles a giant wedding cake. Begun in 1862, it took 13 years to complete. The ornate interior has a grand Staircase,
 a mosaic domed ceiling over the Grand Foyer and an auditorium with a ceiling by Marc Chagall. There's even an
 underground lake beneath the building.

As we enjoyed our Starbucks we noticed the Cow Parade in the Square by the Opera House.

        Cow Parade 2006        

This was a fun cow with a helmet cycling along with a milk-cart!

The cows were in different parts of the city according to a predefined layout!
Here at the Opera House Square were the artists (also at Orsay and the Louvre).

We had great fun discovering this herd of fibreglass bovines.

Vache a fleur, Cow Parade ("Vach'Art") exhibition started in Zurich, Switzerland in 1998
and has already been to  Chicago, New York, Brussels, London, Barcelona and Tokyo. Different artists
have been charged with dressing each cow-sculpture in the name of charity. To prevent vandalism
they are anchored to a 150-kilo base and varnished with anti-graffiti veneer.

"Here's another pretty one!"

"Classy Neighborhood!"

"What a fun time with the 'Bovines of Paris'" - "Beauty and the Beast!"

And now we know where Ice Cream comes from...

"Wasn't that fun?"

 European Automobiles

We saw a lot of different cars including this one called 'SMART CAR' (not yet available
in the USA),
but probably has great gas mileage and should be easy to park anywhere.
Karen also liked the 'Mini Cooper' which we saw all over England.

Here's an old Citroen similar to one owned by a good friend of mine, Bob McAlister,
back in Bremerhaven, Germany in 1960. (His was white!)



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