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  Our 3rd day in Paris continues as we explore Paris by their easy-to-use
  Metro system. Excellent maps made  it easy to locate where you are and
  where  you wanted to go.

One Metro stop was in front of, (what else?), a Starbuck's
(Karen found this one on a Metro Map)

 Paris didn't have as many Starbucks as London,
 but, we managed to locate at least 2 of the more
 than 20 listed.
 Two nice things about Starbucks:
 1. Clean Restrooms     2. All are Non-Smoking

Street and Metro Performers

We enjoyed all of the music by street performers and found many of them to be quite good.
We enjoyed several different violinists, guitar players, and others both here and in London.

This mime in the Montmartre and Pigalle area was amazing.
When someone dropped a coin in the box he came alive.
(He was absolutely still and looked like a statue.)

Cyber World Internet C@fe!

Internet cafes provided instantaneous communication with the USA.
(This was important as Karen's mother was in the hospital in Ohio.)


Last revised: May 26, 2013

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