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  Our 3rd day in Paris was fun when we woke up to some  activity in the
  streets  below our window, as Parisians began their day by opening stores
  and sidewalk cafes. Karen was anxious to have breakfast and start checking
  all the open-air markets and fun new food shops.

View of the street below our hotel window!

Early morning city coming to life...

Only a half block from our hotel -- we stopped here more than once... "MMMMMM!"

Interesting, narrow streets in our hotel neighborhood - always outdoor cafes.

This is one of the streets near us where an Antique Show took place on the weekend.

One of the many wonderful bakeries we passed every morning!
("Well, we didn't pass it every day, sometimes we stopped and enjoyed a sweet!")

More Street Scenes in our hotel neighborhood:

Food from every country in the world!

Parisians love to dine with their pets!

We loved all the outdoor markets!

Morning Shopping in the 7th Arrondissement!

Deliveries on narrow streets!

Another fun street market!

We loved the sidewalk 'people-watching' cafes...


Last revised: May 26, 2013

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