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  Our 2nd day in Paris continues as we explore one of the world's
 most-visited and most-favorite International Cities. Walking was
 the best way to see the city, but a bus or boat tour helps to get
 oriented and guides point out points of interest and identify the
 many beautiful buildings and monuments and museums.
 Vacation.     ...


People-watching on the most famous street in the world!

  Champs-Elysees, The most fashionable boulevard in Paris was started about 1667, when Andre Le Notre
created a tree-lined avenue. It is also known as the 'triumphal way' since the homecoming of Napoleon's body in
  1840. The formal gardens that line the Champs-Elysees from Place de la Concorde to the Rond-Point have not
    changed since 1838, and were used as the setting for the 1855 World's Fair. The Grand Palais and the Petit
 Palais were also built here for the Universal Exhibition of 1900.

One of the hundreds of sidewalk cafes on the Champs-Elysees.

Listening to a nearby French waiter!

All of the outdoor cafes were wonderful and unique.

Sharing a fabulous, Caramel-something-or-other Dessert! MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm!

       Arc de Triomphe        

We meant to get back here and go the top, but there wasn't time, as we explored Paris.

   Arc de Triomphe, The best day to visit is December 2, when the sun sets in line with the Champs-Elysees
 and the Arc de Triomphe, creating a spectacular halo around it. The Arc is 164 ft. high and was completed in
 1836.  There are 284 steps to the top, or you can take an elevator for a unique view of Paris.In the center of the
 arch is an eternal fame of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a victim of World War I buried on 11 November 1920.

We looked forward to new 'discoveries' as we walked in many neighborhoods!

Formerly from Baltimore - This Sofitel Hotel Baltimore caught Karen's attention!

Ron Fandrick

R F  R F

Republic of  France Government Offices

Auto Showrooms in 'downtown' Paris (also in London)

We found auto dealers in nice stores instead of big American car lots.


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