2010 NYC - Fandrick's Vacation - Album #7A.

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New York City - (Really, "It NEVER Sleeps")

Times Square was well-protected by New York's Finest!

Fun at Times Square - '24/7'

Street Performers - Always Exciting!

Many Fun Photo Opportunities:

Wonder what their 'Day Job' is...

"We should have introduced these two characters..."

"What's with the guitars?"

Never a dull moment in the 'Big Apple'

What a wonderful, fun, exciting time in New York City! We'd come back again in a heartbeat! We're already making a list of things we missed and are anxious to return... someday!

We saw this sculpture from the Super
Shuttle ride back to JFK Airport...

"We'll Be Back!"

"Luggage checked in, we're early - time for lunch!"

"We found this very nice (non-fast-food) restaurant!"

...and ordered their 'house special' Meatloaf (w/Mashed Potatoes and Mushroom Gravy)

(Tasted Great! But, HUGE - One order could feed 4 people)

What made this trip even more enjoyable was my wonderful wife of 25 years, Karen. She was always pleasant and always willing to be my special model for a ton of photographs.

 And speaking of photographs -- We all remember this one...

This photo was never released to the public, and in fact is a
Photo Shop creation. And if you look closely you'll see a
flying saucer on the far right. Fun photo of the Empire State
Building and the New York City skyline...

Our special 25th Anniversary vacation to New York City was even more special as we were landing back at Tampa, when we watched a beautiful sunset over Tampa Bay. A great trip!

Almost home again in New Port Richey!

Planning for this special vacation was a big part of the excitement, fun and anticipation of a new
experience. We did a lot of research on the Internet, local libraries, talking with friends who
had been to New York City before and read these three excellent Travel Guide Books:

New and Used copies @ Amazon.com  

We found great tips and suggestions in each book but the very
best map (Subway and Bus and Streets) is free at a Subway Stop.

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