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United Nations Building

The United Nations was founded in 1945 with 51 members. Current number is 189 nations. The UN was established to preserve world peace, promote self-determination, and to aid economic and social well-being around the globe. The 18-acre site on the East River is an international zone with its own stamps and post office.

A huge temporary building outside the UN served as a very strict security screening point, including very sensitive metal detectors, and it took several minutes to go through the security before we were allowed into the building.

United Nations Peace Window...U

The UN was our biggest disappointment of our trip. The building and grounds are run down, dirty and much in need of repair. We found out later that the UN's General Assembly, in 2006, approved a $1.6 Billion renovation of the complex that will take several years to complete.

The best part of our visit to the UN (and we didn't stay long), was a huge gift shop on the main level. Each member country had a section of gifts that were made in their country, and it was fun to browse through the wide variety of choices.

"As we left the UN, we saw this giant sculpture!"
(Notice in the reflection the temporary security building - on the right!)

We enjoyed the great diversity of the area including many ethnic shops and restaurants. Karen has an uncanny knack for finding bakeries, and we wandered in to a huge Amish store a block or two from the UN.

We walked through this huge store and could have bought a lot of things, however we returned to this wonderful pastry area at the front of the store and bought two Raspberry Rugalach to go. Rugalach is a cookie of cream-cheese dough spread with filling of raspberry and nuts.

Leaving this wonderful Amish Store, we stopped a nice lady on the sidewalk for directions to the nearest Starbuck's store. ("New York folks are friendly folks") And she directed us down a block and a half on the corner, where we enjoyed our Rugalach and Latte`, and Chai tea Latte`.

We caught a bus down 42nd street to Times Square (great central location near our hotel) and enjoyed another 'people watching' experience, including the famous 'Naked Cowboy':

Last stop of the day was our Millennium Broadway Hotel for evening Hors d'oeuvres & rest...

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