2010 NYC - Fandrick's Vacation - Album #6B.

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St. Bartholomew's Church

Our next stop, as we walked down Park Avenue was at 51st St. and St. Bartholomew's Church. ("St. Bart's" to New Yorkers). This Byzantine structure with its polychromed gold dome brought color and variety to Park Avenue in 1919. In the 1960s, St. Bart's had one of the largest congregations in the Episcopal Church.                                                      http://www.stbarts.org/

St. Bart's has a Romanesque entrance portico with marble columns
and ornate detail with pinkish brick and open terrace.

We found these beautiful ornate doors when we entered...

St. Bart's also ministers to those less fortunate by operating a homeless shelter every night of the year, a soup kitchen serving hundreds four times each week, and a food pantry.

St. Bart's also operates a full-service cafe on their outdoor terrace in warm weather, and inside their community house in winter. Our May temperatures were pleasantly in the 70s and we enjoyed a delicious lunch at "INSIDE PARK" at St. Bart's -                                                                                                        http://www.insideparknyc.com/

"Another fun outdoor lunch in the 'Big Apple'!"

Next, we took the Subway to Grand Central Station...


Grand Central Terminal is the best historic building in New York City. This Beaux Arts gem was built in 1913 (the largest train station in the world), saved from destruction in the 1960s, and beautifully restored in the 1990s.

Karen recalled the movie "The Untouchables" and the shooting scene on the steps, with Kevin Costner and Sean Connery.  Several other movies feature scenes set in Grand Central with its soaring ceiling and Beau Arts architecture. Cary Grant makes his escape from New York City in an exciting sequence filmed at night inside the station in "North By Northwest". Robert DeNiro, in the 1988 movie "Midnight Run" is seen dragging Charles Grodin through Grand Central to catch a train to Los Angeles. A scene in "The Cotton Club" shows Richard Gere and Diane Lane boarding the famous Twentieth Century Limited Train in Grand Central. In the movie "The Fisher King" is a spectacular scene in which Grand Central Terminal is transformed into a glittering ballroom filled with waltzing commuters.

The ceiling over the Main Concourse, with its famous mural of the stars, is one of Grand Central Terminal's most famous features. However the Zodiac on the ceiling is depicted backwards. According to official documents, the painter, Paul Helleu, was inspired by a medieval manuscript that showed the heavens as they would have been seen from outside the celestial sphere.


Grand Central Station is a huge place with a very good dining concourse on the lower level, including Michael Jordan's The Steakhouse, the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant, the Campbell Apartment, a glitzy bar and a gourmet food market.

The Grand Central Kissing Room.  The Biltmore Room, located on the grand Concourse across from Starbucks, was known as the "Kissing Room" during the golden age of train travel during the 1930s and 1940s. The Biltmore Room was where the famous 20th Century Limited train from the West Coast used to arrive. Passengers - including many celebrities and politicians - would get off the train and greet their loved ones here with kisses and hugs. Often, they would then go up the stairs into the famous Biltmore Hotel (now the Bank of America building).

20th Century Limited

Leaving Grand Central Terminal we walked East on 42nd St. to the United Nations Building.

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