2010 NYC - Fandrick's Vacation - Album #6A.

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St. Patrick's Cathedral

View of St. Patrick's from 'Top of the Rock'...

St. Patrick's Cathedral is the largest Roman Catholic Church in the United States. The cathedral seats 2,500 people and was completed in 1878.

"We arrived as 12:30 mass was beginning!"

"St. Patrick's Great Organ has more than 7,000 pipes!"

Walking towards the back of the cathedral...

Channel Gardens

On our way to the Channel Gardens we saw the Sunken Garden area (where Winter skating
takes place, and where we had dinner last night at Rock Center Cafe) surrounded by colorful
flags that represent the members of the United Nations.

We walked down 5th Ave. back to Rockefeller Plaza and walked through the Channel Gardens (a lush oasis for escaping the stone and concrete of the city). The Outdoor gardens and plaza is a great place for a casual stroll or a bench to rest a bit. Running the length of the outdoor promenade, the Channel Gardens separate the French and British Empire Buildings and are named after the English Channel.

We continued our walk up 5th Avenue to St. Bartholomew's Church in The city of New York.

Last revised: November 12, 2011

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