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Sunrise over New York City as we start our 3rd Days' Adventure...

Breakfast again at the Red Flame Diner, and a walk to Times Square Subway.

New York streets are safe and amazingly clean. As the city comes to life on a Sunday morning, city street workers are cleaning the sidewalk. Our hotel Millennium Broadway is just up 44th street - (Flags over hotel entrance).

Closest Subway to our hotel is at Times Square...

We rode the Subway *'downtown' to South Ferry and walked over to Battery Park to
get in line for tickets for the ferry ride to Ellis Island. The New York ferry first stops
at the Statue of Liberty and then on to Ellis Island. We saw the Statue of Liberty but
decided to continue to Ellis Island and avoid some crowds.

                                 MANHATTAN NEIGHBORHOODS
Ever wonder what the difference is between 'Downtown' and 'Uptown'?
1. 'DOWNTOWN' is everything below 14th St.
2. 'CHELSEA' (the Flatiron District) extends from 14th St. to 26th St.
3. 'MIDTOWN' is defined by 26th St. to the South, and 59th St. to the North.
4. 'UPTOWN' is everything North of 59th St. (which is the South end of Central Park.)

Ellis Island

We bought our tickets for the ferry ride to Ellis Island. The Staten Island Ferry also leaves from this area. We arrived early, but there were still lines to go through security before getting on the boat.

This large eagle statue caught my eye as we walked through the park to the ticket office, because my metal sculpturer artist, brother-in-law, Tom Neary created a 3-ton eagle statue with a 32' wing span for Eagles Park in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Some of the street vendors setting up for their weekend sales of souvenirs of the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry, and Ellis Island, and more about New York City.

We found some interesting folks entertaining the crowds. Including a couple of Mimes dressed as the Statues of Liberty. Including this guy who caught Karen's eye:

Ellis Island

"The Miss Ellis Island Ferry"


Ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty to Ellis Island


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