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We started our day with breakfast at The Red Flame Diner a few blocks away on 44th street, because our hotel free breakfast room was closed on the weekend.

Very tasty food, reasonable prices, and excellent service. The Red Flame was busy both times we ate there.

Another beautiful New York day, as we walked East on 44th St. to Avenue of the Americas, which was blocked off to traffic for about 15 blocks (up to 59th St.).

A huge outdoor market was set up on both sides of the street, with 200 or 300 street vendors, some with tents, some with trailers. We saw many different kinds of food vendors and many souvenir stands and booths selling almost anything one could want. What a fun street show, and another 'people watching' paradise!  Here are a few photos of the many sights:

Avenue of the Americas - STREET FAIR

"We had great weather for a long walk after breakfast!"

Deep Fried OREOS? - Karen would NEVER try these...

Street Vendors were just setting up... (Glad we just had breakfast!)

59th St., at the end of Avenue of Americas (and end of the street market) begins the South end of Central Park. .

Last revised: November 12, 2011

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